General English

  • adjective showing the time as a set of numbers


  • adjective referring to a system or device which uses signals or information in the form of numbers


  • adjective converted into a form that can be processed by computers and accurately reproduced


  • adjective which represents data or physical quantities in numerical form, especially using a binary system in computer related devices


  • Refers to communications equipment and procedures in which information is represented in binary form (1 or 0), as opposed to analog form (variable, continuous wave forms).


  • Pertaining to representation by, and calculation with, digits.
  • Pertaining to information, such as data, represented in the form of discrete units called digits, especially that expressed in binary digits.
  • Pertaining to that which is computer related, or which involves information in binary form. This includes storing, processing, recording, reproducing, and so on.
  • Pertaining to a readout or display which indicates in digits.

Media Studies

  • adjective referring to a form of transmission in which a signal is sent in small, separate packages.


  • adjective relating to the fingers or toes