General English

General Science

  • noun a programming instruction used to control something such as a language translator or compiler


  • noun an order or command to someone to do something


  • noun an order from the European Union, referring to a particular problem


  • adjective referring to the ability of a device to send or receive signals in straight lines
  • noun general or detailed instructions from management to staff to guide them in their work


  • noun a piece of legislation of the European Union which is binding, but which member states can implement as they wish. A directive is binding as to the result to be achieved, but leaves to the national authorities the choice of form and method.


  • An instruction to an assembler or compiler, which is processed at the time of assembly or compilation.


  • noun a legally binding act of the European Community which is binding on the member States of the EU, but not on individuals until it has been made part of national law


  • noun an order or instruction which indicates an intended result but does not specify how that result should be achieved


  • noun a piece of legislation made by the European Commission