General English

General Science

  • noun a unit of organisation of files stored on a disk, containing a group of files or further sub-directories


  • noun a reference book containing information on companies and their products
  • noun a list of people or businesses with information about their addresses and telephone numbers


  • noun a method of organising the files stored on a disk, into groups of files or further sub-directories
  • acronymDIR
  • noun a MS-DOS system command that displays a list of files stored on a disk.


  • A special kind of file which is used for indexing and organizing other files. It provides information such as the name, type, and size for each listed file. Directories that branch into other directories are called root directories, while those located within a root directory are called subdirectories. In GUIs, the term folder is preferred. Also called file directory.
  • In a network, an index listing network resources, such as devices available, or email addresses.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a book or database which lists the names and details of people or companies in a specific geographical or subject area