General English

General Science

  • noun the action of releasing waste material into the environment
  • noun waste material, such as that from an industrial process or in the form of sewage, that is passed into the environment
  • noun the rate of flow of a liquid in a channel
  • verb to flow into a lake or the sea
  • verb to pass waste material into the environment


  • noun the act of paying a debt
  • verb to pay a debt
  • verb to dismiss an employee


  • noun a release of power from a source such as a battery
  • verb to release electrical supply from a source such as a battery

Cars & Driving

  • noun the giving out of electric current or the pouring out of liquid
  • verb to lose or give out electric current, as from a battery
  • verb to pour out (a liquid) as from a pump


  • The liberation or escape of stored or accumulated energy, especially electric charge.
  • The diminishing or removal of an electric charge stored or accumulated in a body, such as a battery or capacitor, which is being depleted. Also called electric discharge (1).
  • The passage of an electric current through a medium, such as a space or air. A spark is an example of such a discharge. Also called electric discharge (2).
  • The conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy within a battery or cell.

Information & Library Science

  • verb to cancel the record of a loan from a library when the book or other item is returned


  • noun the ending of a contract by performing all the conditions of the contract, releasing a party from the terms of the contract, or being in breach of contract
  • noun payment of debt
  • noun release from prison or from military service
  • verb to let someone go free
  • verb to dismiss someone from a job or position


  • noun the process of sending a patient away from a hospital because the treatment has ended
  • verb to secrete liquid out of an opening


  • noun the release of a person from duty
  • noun an act of carrying out a duty
  • noun an act of firing a weapon
  • verb to carry out a duty
  • verb to fire a weapon