General English


  • noun a flat circular plate coated with a substance that is capable of being magnetised. data is stored on this by magnetising selective sections to represent binary digits.


  • A digital magnetic storage medium, which is usually in the form of a rotating round plate. Information is encoded by altering the magnetic polarity of minute portions on the surface of such a disk. Disks may be recorded, erased, and rerecorded many times, and the most common formats are hard disks, floppy disks, and removable hard disks. Also called magnetic disk.
  • A thin, circular object, such as a disk capacitor. Also called disc (3).
  • synonymdisc
  • synonymdisc

Information & Library Science

  • noun a flat, round plastic device coated with magnetised material which can be used to store information readable by a computer.

Media Studies

  • noun a storage facility for data on a computer, either built-in and permanent (hard disk) or removable and rewritable (floppy disk)