• noun the removal of an employee from a job, either by sacking or by not renewing a contract


  • noun an act of taking a batsman’s wicket or of being involved in the taking of a wicket, as by catching the ball
    Citation ‘Poised and precise, he [Ian Healy] completed 26 dismissals (21 catches and five stumpings), a record in a Test series in England’ (Mike Coward Wisden 1994)
    Citation ‘Katich … watched in horror as a delivery he was leaving alone bent in and took off stump. This dismissal haunted him in the second innings’ (Chloe Saltau, Wisden 2006)


  • noun the removal of an employee from a job, especially as a result of something they have done wrong.
  • noun an unwillingness to accept that something might be true
  • noun an order telling someone to leave a place, or to stop carrying out a role
  • noun a judge’s decision that a court case should not continue


  • noun an act of dismissing someone