General Science


  • noun the pattern in which animals or plants are found over a wide area


  • noun the attempt by a distributor to distribute a product to a market


  • noun a logical function whose output is false if all inputs are true, and true if any input is false


  • In painting, small particles of pigment or latex held in suspension in paint or varnish.


  • The process or occurrence of scattering or separating into components.
  • The process by which radiation is separated into components with different wavelengths, energies, speeds, or other characteristics. Also, an instance of such a separation. For example, a prism disperses white light into its component colors, as each travels through it at a different velocity.
  • The scattering of microwaves by striking an obstruction.
  • The uniform distribution of sound waves emanating from an acoustic transducer.
  • The scattering of fine particles within another body.
  • In spectroscopy, a measure of resolving power. 7. Dispersion (2) occurring in an optical waveguide, such as an optical fiber or cable. An example is multimode distortion.