display adapter



  • noun a device which allows information in a computer to be displayed on a computer monitor, interfacing with both the computer and monitor
  • noun a device that accepts character or graphics codes and instructions, and converts them into dot matrix patterns that are displayed on a screen


  • A computer board that enables it to display images. When a computer generates images, this board converts them into the electronic signals that serve as the input to the display device, such as the monitor. The display adapter determines factors such as the maximum resolution and number of colors that can be displayed. An appropriate monitor must be utilized to best benefit from the capabilities of such an adapter. Display adapters usually incorporate their own memory, thus not occupying the RAM of the computer while preparing images. Also known by various other names, including display board, display card, display controller, graphics adapter, video adapter, video board, video card, and video controller.
  • synonymdisplay board
  • synonymdisplay card
  • synonymdisplay controller


  • noun coated coloured board, used as backing for exhibitions or displays