General Science

  • noun the act of going out of shape or of putting something out of shape



  • noun unwanted differences in a signal before and after it has passed through a piece of equipment



  • The failure of a circuit, device, component, or system to accurately reproduce at its output the essential characteristics of its input.
  • Any undesired changes in the waveform of a signal passing through a circuit, device, or transmission medium. Also, the extent of such changes. Examples include amplitude, harmonic, intermodulation, and phase distortion. Also called waveform distortion.
  • Any undesired changes occurring in a reproduced image, as compared to the original image. An example is optical distortion. Also called image distortion.
  • Any undesired changes in the waveform of a wave, especially an acoustic wave.

Media Studies

  • noun the way in which images are stretched, squashed or twisted by a lens which bends the light ineffectively. For example, a fisheye lens produces extreme distortion around the edges of the image.


  • noun the act of twisting part of the body out of its usual shape