General English

General Science

  • noun the process of giving or sending something out
  • noun the act or an instance of spreading over a wide area
  • noun the pattern in which something is found in various areas, depending on factors such as climate or altitude


  • noun the act of sending goods from the manufacturer to the wholesaler and then to retailers


  • noun the act of sharing something among several people


  • noun the act of sending information out, especially via a network


  • The movement of heated or conditioned air to desired locations.
  • The delivery of electricity over a system from transmission points.
  • The placement of concrete from where it is discharged to its final location.


  • The result of distribution (1).
  • A function describing the frequency with which a variable assumes a given value. It may be expressed as a graph of the number of occurrences versus the possible values. Also called frequency distribution.

Health Economics

  • (written as Distribution)
    The record of the frequency of occurrence of particular values of a variable. It is usually described mathematically or graphically (or both). The distribution records all possible numerical values of the variable and how often each value occurs (its frequency). The best-known example of a distribution is the bell-shaped curve (the normal distribution) shown in the figure for the variable y, where is the mean (and also the median).

Information & Library Science

  • noun the delivery of goods or information to people or organisations


  • noun sharing out property in an estate

Media Studies

  • noun the selling and delivery of goods to retailers, such as films to cinemas or magazines to shops