• noun a large rectangular metal cooking-pot, used for cooking in the field


  • (written as 'Dixie')
    One of the most famous US theatrical songs. Ironically, thetune that gave the South a nickname and became the unofficial anthemof the Confederacy during the American Civil War was written by anortherner, Daniel Emmett of Ohio, in 1859. Still more ironically,recent research suggests that Emmett may have stolen the song froman obscure Black performer. The song became famous in the South followingits inclusion in a burlesque drama, Pocahontas, at New Orleans'Varieties Theatre in 1861. It acquired its patriotic status afterbeing played at the inauguration of Confederate President JeffersonDavis (18 February 1861).

    The day after General Robert E. Lee surrendered his Confederatetroops, Abraham Lincoln shocked White Housecelebrants by asking the Marine Band to play 'Dixie', which he called"one of the best tunes I have ever heard." Four days laterhe was assassinated.