General English

General Science

  • noun a piece of paper or set of papers containing text
  • noun a computer file containing text created with a word-processor
  • verb to make a record of a process


  • noun a paper, especially an official paper, with written information on it


  • noun a piece of writing, e.g. a memo, letter or report


  • verb to write a description of a process


  • A file created by a computer application, especially that of a word processor.
  • To explain a program or process. Also, the recorded explanation, be it on paper or in another form.

Information & Library Science

  • noun any form of information in printed or electronic form, e.g. maps, manuscripts or computer software


  • noun a paper or set of papers, printed or handwritten, which contains information
  • noun anything in which information is recorded, e.g. maps, designs, computer files, databases
  • noun an official paper from a government department


  • noun any piece of written material (but not a book, pamphlet or newspaper, etc), which provides information, identification, evidence or instructions
  • noun a serviceman’s or servicewoman’s personal records


  • verb to put something in a published document