General English

  • adjective relating to the home

General Science

  • adjective referring to the home or used in the home


  • adjective kept as a farm animal or pet


  • adjective referring to the home market or the market of the country where the business is situated

Cars & Driving

  • adjective made in the country in question


  • adjective for use in the home


  • From or in one's own country. A domestic producer is one that produces inside the home country. A domestic price is the price inside the home country. Opposite of "foreign" or "world."


  • adjective referring to the home country or to the country where a business has its head offices

Origin & History of “domestic”

Domestic comes, via French domestique, from Latin domesticus, a derivative of domus ‘house’. this can be traced back to an Indo-European *domo-, *domu-, which was also the source of Greek dómos and Sanskrit dama- ‘house’, and goes back in its turn to a base *dem-, *dom- ‘build’ which gave rise to English daunt, tame, timber, and probably despot. A further derivative of domus is domicile (15th c.), from Latin domicilium ‘dwelling-place’, and it is also the ultimate source of the wide range of English words (dominate, dominion, etc) based immediately on Latin dominus ‘master’.