Donkeys' Years



  • A comedy by Michael Frayn about a college reunion,first performed in 1976 at the Globe Theatre, London. The play wonthe Society of West End Theatres' Award for Comedy of the Year. Therewas a notable revival at London's Comedy Theatre in 2006.

    Set at a lesser Oxford college, the play shows how a groupof former students have changed over 20 years and then, as the eveningwears on, how they revert to their undergraduate ways.

    The story introduces such old boys as the government ministerC. D. P. B. Headingly and the Reverend R. D. Sainsbury. Welcomingthem back are a new lecturer, W. R. Taylor, and the Master's wife,Lady Driver, who is desperately searching for her former lover, therough-and-tumble Roddy Moore. Moore has not turned up, however, andLady Driver finds his old room occupied by K. Snell, who boarded outwhile in college and now wants to make up for lost opportunities.During the evening, the returnees become increasingly drunk; indeedSnell becomes so wild that he suffers a breakdown and has to be takento the local mental hospital. The others pack and leave, but not beforeLady Driver and the surgeon D. J. Buckley have planned an assignation.