General English

General Science


  • noun the amount of medicine given to an animal to cure it of a disorder
  • verb to give an animal medicine


  • The amount of ionizing radiation incident upon, or absorbed by, a given mass, volume, or body. May be expressed in roentgens, rems, rads, or reps. Also called dosage, or radiation dose.
  • synonymdosage


  • noun a measured quantity of a drug or radiation which is to be given to someone at one time
  • noun a short period of experiencing a minor illness
  • noun an infection with a sexually transmitted disease
  • verb to provide someone with medication


  • noun an amount of medicine given to a person


  • noun a venereal infection. Until the 1960s the word most often referred to a bout of gonorrhoea.


  • an additional ingredient such as syrup added to wine to fortify it

Origin & History of “dose”

A dose is literally ‘that which is given to one’ – etymologically and semantically, it is a parallel formation to donation. It comes via French dose and late Latin dosis from Greek dósis, a derivative of the verb didónai ‘give’ (which is related to English date, donate, etc). It originally meant simply ‘giving, gift’, but was used by Greek physicians such as Galen for ‘portion of medicine administered’, and it is that application that has proved most durable. The modern slang sense ‘venereal infection’ dates from just before world War I.