General English


  • A small amount of plaster placed on a surface between grounds to aid the plasterer in maintaining a constant thickness.


  • (written as DOT)
    Direction of Trade
  • acronym forDirection of Trade
    (written as DOT)


  • On the screen of a CRT, such as that of a TV, a small spot of red, green, or blue phosphor.
  • A small spot, usually a circle, which is an element within a matrix. Utilized, for instance, to form images on a computer screen or in printed matter.
  • A small piece of metal alloyed to a semiconductor wafer to form a junction. Also called button (2).
  • A period. For example, may also be read as yipeeee dot com.
  • In a schematic diagram, a symbol representing a junction.


  • verb to put small pieces of butter over the surface of food to be grilled

Information & Library Science

  • noun a punctuation mark (.) used to separate the various components of an Internet address


  • noun a shorter signal in Morse code (the longer signal is the dash)


  • verb to hit. Usually used in the phrase to ‘dot (someone) one’, meaning to land a heavy and precise (on the ‘dot’) blow, or to blacken someone’s eye.

Cars & Driving

  • acronym forDepartment of Transportation
    (written as DOT)
  • acronym forDepartment of Transport
    (written as DOT)