General English


  • A large washer used as a concrete form accessory to increase the holding capacity of the forms.
  • A small, round concrete casting with a hole in the middle used to keep reinforcing steel the desired distance from the forms during the placement of concrete.
  • A concrete collar cast around a column and used to jack up the column.
  • A slang term for the wax ring used as a watertight seal in toilet installation.


  • A ball of slightly sweetened yeasted or chemically raised dough, deep-fried, drained and coated with caster sugar often with jam in the middle. The ring doughnut was the original form made by wrapping the dough around a stick which was suspended in hot oil, the ball form followed but was in turn generally superseded by a ring formed by extrusion because of the difficulty of cooking the centre of the ball without overcooking the surface.

Media Studies

  • verb to make sure that a speaker in frame on a television broadcast is closely surrounded by people, to give viewers the impression that there is a large crowd present when there is not
  • verb to surround a Member of Parliament who is speaking and being filmed for television in order to give the impression that the chamber is fuller than it really is