General Science


  • verb to load a program or section of data from a remote computer via a telephone line or broadband Internet connection
  • verb to load data from a CPU to a small computer.
  • verb to send printer font data stored on a disk to a printer, where it will be stored in temporary memory or RAM
  • acronymDL


  • To receive a data, usually in the form of a file, from a remote computer in a network. For instance, a person navigating the Internet may download a file containing the latest version of a media player. Also, the data or file transferred. This contrasts with an upload, where information is sent to a remote computer in a network.
  • To load a font into a printer.

Information & Library Science

  • verb to move information from one electronic source to another storage device

Media Studies

  • noun a file which has been transferred from the Internet to a personal computer
  • verb to transfer data from the Internet to a computer, or from one computer to another