General English

Media Studies

  • noun the genre of literary works written for performance on the stage, radio or television
  • noun a play written to be performed on the stage, television or radio
  • noun exciting, tense, and gripping events and actions, or an exciting, tense, and gripping quality, either in a work of art or in a real-life situation


  • noun plays performed in the theatre or on radio or TV, or a single play

Origin & History of “drama”

Etymologically, drama is simply ‘that which is done’ (in that respect it closely resembles act, which has the neutral, general meaning ‘do something’, as well as the more specific ‘perform on stage’). It comes via late Latin drāma from Greek drama, originally ‘deed, action’, and hence ‘play’. this was a derivative of the verb dran ‘do’, whose past participle was the ultimate source of English drastic (17th c.).