General English


  • A plumber's tool for flattening sheet lead and straightening lead pipe.

Media Studies

  • noun a person from the wardrobe department who fits actors for their clothes
  • noun the member of a television, film or theatre production team who is responsible for helping the actors into and out of their costumes


  • noun someone who assists a surgeon during operations


  • A person employed to assist members of the cast as they dress for aperformance or change costumes during it. In the past, many leading actorswould have employed their own dresser, whose role was akin to that of avalet or manservant. Ronald Harwood's play The Dresser (1980) exploresthe complicated relationship between 'Sir', an actor-manager of the old school, and Norman, his devoted personal dresser. In the late 1950s Harwood himself spent several years working as dresser to the ageing Donald Wolfit.