dressing room


General English

  • noun a room in which you change your clothes, especially a room in a theatre where actors or actresses get dressed in costume, or a room in a sports club where people change into their sports clothes

Real Estate

  • noun a small room in which clothes are stored, where people get dressed or change their clothes


  • In a theater, a backstage room where actors don costumes andput on make-up. Actors may also rest in the dressing room when noton stage and greet well-wishers there before and after a performance.

    Worst dressing room' stories are a favourite subject of conversationamongst actors and other performers. The Australian ballet dancer,actor, and director Sir Robert Helpmann (1909 - 86) endured hisworst backstage experience when touring America with the ballet AMidsummer Night's Dream. For one performance, in a baseball stadium,he was given the 'star' accommodation of the umpire's changing room;Helpmann found he had to stand precariously on a chair balanced ona table in order to face the single light bulb so that he might puthis eye make-up on. see also Duel of Angels.