General English


  • A groove in the underside of a projection, such as a windowsill, that prevents water from running back into the building wall.
  • A condensation drain in a steam heating system.
  • An interruption or offset in an exterior horizontal surface, such as a soffit, immediately adjacent to the fascia, designed to prevent the migration of water back along the surface.


  • noun the placing of advertisements for a product at fairly long intervals, making a long-drawn-out advertising campaign


  • noun a system for introducing liquid slowly and continuously into the body, by which a bottle of liquid is held above a person and the fluid flows slowly down a tube into a needle in a vein or into the stomach


  • noun an apparatus, consisting of a bottle or other container and a tube, which is designed to introduce liquid gradually into a person’s body, either through a needle inserted into a vein or through an orifice (e.g. mouth, nose, rectum)


  • noun an insipid, unassertive or boring person. This common colloquialism is probably British in origin, but is also used, especially by school and college students, in the USA and Australia. It is one of many terms (wet, damp, dripping) equating weakness with water.
  • noun hire purchase, paying by instalments. The phrase is usually part of the longer expression on the drip.
  • verb to complain. The term was recorded on the Royal Marines website in 2004, where it was defined as ‘moan incessantly, usually a sign that the blokes are happy’.


  • noun a small drop of liquid, falling regularly from a tap or container


  • acronym fordividend re-investment plan
    (written as DRIP)
  • acronym fordividend re-investment program
    (written as DRIP)