Duel of Angels



  • (Pour Lucrèce) Jean Giraudoux's lastplay, written in 1944 and performed in 1953 in Paris without greatsuccess. Christopher Fry's English translation opened in 1958 at theApollo Theatre, London, with Vivien Leigh as the evil Paola,who drives the virtuous Lucille to suicide by convincing her thatshe has committed adultery.

    As was her custom during a London run, Leigh moved numerouspersonal items from her home - pictures, small furniture, evenher dog and cat - into the dressing room to give it a cosy familiarlook. For this reason, her room was the only one fitted with a lock.Her dresser, Roy Moseley, recalled how one night she let the entirecast change there, because they were worried about the risk of infectionafter discovering that someone was letting their dressing rooms outto prostitutes after the theater closed at night. Leigh welcomed theother cast members into her pure quarters with great amusement.