• adjective useless, inferior. The word derives from a piece of 18th-century thieves’ jargon meaning worthless or counterfeit, related to duffer which originally denoted a seller of supposedly stolen goods.
  • noun the backside, buttocks. Duff is a 19th-century word for boiled dumpling or pudding (surviving in the British ‘plum duff’), from which this usage was probably derived.
  • noun
    (written as DUFF)
    an unattractive female. The letters stand for ‘designated ugly fat friend’. Pronounced as a word, not letter by letter, this pejorative epithet has been used by younger males since around 2000.
  • verb to steal. A verb formed from the generalised negative sense of duff. The usage is now fairly rare.
  • acronym fordesignated ugly fat friend
    (written as DUFF)