• In Europe, dwarfs or midgets were popular until the 18th centuryas court fools or favourites. In later times they were often exhibited as curiosities at circuses and exhibitions. Famous dwarfs include Lucius (fl. 10 BC; 2 ft), the dwarf of the Emperor Augustus, Xit (fl. 1550),the dwarf of Edward VI, John Jarvis (1508 - 56; 2 ft), page ofhonour to Mary I, Copernin (fl. 1730), the last court dwarf inEngland, the Corsican Madame Teresia (2 ft 10 in), exhibited in Londonin 1773, Wybrand Lolkes (2 ft 3 in), exhibited at Astley's Amphitheatrein 1790, the Italian Caroline Crachami (1 ft 8 in), exhibited in Londonin 1824, the so-called Fairy Queen (1 ft 4 in), exhibited in Londonin 1850, the celebrated General Tom Thumb (1838 - 83),and the Zarate sisters (both under 2 ft), exhibited in London as theMidgets in 1881.