General English

General Science

  • abbreviation exponential constant 2.71828… which is defined by the equation e = exp (I)
  • symbol the charge on an electron equal to 1.60219 x 10-19 coulombs


  • symbol
    (written as E)
    the hexadecimal number equivalent to decimal number 14


  • (written as E)
    The rating of elasticity or stiffness of a material.


  • (written as e-)
    A prefix which serves to produce derivative words pertaining to computer, and/or online concepts. For instance, email, or e-cash. It is an abbreviation of electronic.
  • A transcendental number equal to approximately 2.71828, and which is the base for natural logarithms. Also called Napierian base.
  • (written as E)
    symbol for electric field strength, or electric field vector.
  • symbol forelectromotive force
    (written as E)
  • symbol forenergy
    (written as E)
  • symbol forvoltage
    (written as E)
  • symbol forexa-
    (written as E)
  • symbol forelectron charge
  • symbol foremitter
    (written as E)
  • symbol forelementary charge
  • A metric prefix representing 1018. For example, exahertz. Its symbol is E.


  • noun
    (written as E)
    (a dose of) the drug ecstasy. An abbreviation in vogue in the UK since the late 1980s.
  • symbol forbig E, the
    (written as E)
  • symbol forecstasy
    (written as E)
  • noun the elbow.

Cars & Driving

  • symbol foreconomy gear
    (written as E)
  • noun a high gear designed for economical cruising


  • symbol foreastern
    (written as E)


  • symbol forExcellent
    (written as E)


  • adjective situated in the east


  • adjective relating to the east