General English

Cars & Driving

  • verb to corrode and remove the metal from


  • verb to perform cunnilingus. These Americanisms of the 1960s are heard in Australia and, to a lesser extent, in Britain.

Human Resources

  • acronym foremployment appeal tribunal
    (written as EAT)
  • noun a tribunal which deals with appeals against the decisions of industrial tribunals.



  • noun a court which hears appeals from employment tribunals

Origin & History of “eat”

Eat is a very ancient and basic verb. It goes back to Indo-European *ed- ‘eat’ (distant ancestor of English tooth), which produced the basic word for ‘eat’ in most European languages, apart from French, Italian, Romanian, and the Celtic languages: Greek édein, e.g., Latin edere (source of English comestible (15th c.), from Latin comedere ‘eat up’, and of obese (17th c.)), and Russian jest’. Its Germanic descendant was *etan (ultimate source of English etch), which produced German essen, Dutch eten, Swedish öta, and English eat (and also lies behind English fret).