General English

  • noun the use of the mind or body to do something
  • plural noun activities for a particular purpose


  • noun the use of physical or mental energy to do something


  • noun an act of using the mind or body to do something


  • The number of labor units necessary to complete work. Effort is usually expressed in staff hours, staff days or staff weeks and should not be confused with duration.

Health Economics

  • (written as Effort)
    Usually applied to the contribution of a team member in the production of a good or service. It is subject to moral hazard and adverse selection by virtue of it being difficult to observe and calibrate. Not to be confused with cost.


  • noun mental or physical energy that is exerted in order to achieve a purpose

Origin & History of “effort”

Etymologically, effort is the ‘putting out’ or ‘showing’ of ‘force’. It comes ultimately from vulgar Latin *exfortiāre, a compound verb formed from the prefix ex- ‘out’ and the adjective fortis ‘strong’. this passed into Old French as esforcier ‘force, exert’, from which was derived the noun esforz. English borrowed it in its later form effort.