• A moving dioramic exhibition, presented in 1871 in London byPhilip James de Loutherbourg who used it chiefly to demonstrateatmospheric lighting effects. Pieces of silk and glass were passedin front of lamps to create drifting clouds, falling rain, and changingseasons. The scenic entertainment, which included dramatic music,was given for two successful seasons on a stage only six feet wide.

    The highlight of the show was a storm at sea. Clouds, paintedon canvas, were hurried over the ocean by a winding machine whilelightning flashed and the waves (carved in wood and varnished everynight to reflect the lightning) rose menacingly and collapsed intofoam, dimming as they receded. Another popular scene was a view ofGreenwich, with the distant heights of Hampstead and other Londonhigh points in the background.