electrical insulator



  • An electronics component that, because of the electrical resistance inherent in the material(s) from which it is fabricated, is itself considered to be a nonconductor of electric current. The component is sometimes designed so as to physically support a conductor while separating it electrically from another conductor or object.


  • A material that has a sufficiently high resistance to the passage of electric current, so that current flow through it is minimal or negligible. Used, for instance, to isolate, protect, and support circuits and conductors, and to prevent the loss of current. Examples include rubber, plastic, ceramic, and glass. Also, an object or device made of such a material. Also called electrical insulation (4), electric insulator, or insulator (2).
  • synonymelectric insulator
  • synonymelectrical instrument
  • The use of an electrical insulator.
  • The placing or application of an electrical insulator.
  • Having the isolation, protection, and/or support that an electrical insulator provides.