General English


  • adjective referring to, based on, operated by, or involving the controlled conduction of electrons especially in a vacuum, gas, or semi-conducting material

Cars & Driving

  • adjective featuring semiconductors (usually transistors) as an operating medium


  • Pertaining to electronics.
  • Pertaining to components and devices which conduct electrons, or other charge carriers such as electron holes or ions, through a vacuum, gas, or semiconductor. These components and devices perform functions such as amplification, rectification, and switching, and include electron tubes and transistors. Also, equipment and systems, such as computers, microwave ovens, and cellular telephones systems, which incorporate such components.
  • Pertaining to computer, and/or online concepts. For instance, electronic mail, or electronic cash.

Media Studies

  • adjective relating to, using, or accessed through a computer or computer network, e.g. the Internet


  • adjective relating to the use of electricity


  • adjective referring to machines that use transistors or integrated circuits to operate, or to systems that rely on computers and computer networks