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  • noun the electrodeposition of metals or alloys from suitable electrolyte solutions, the articles to be plated being connected to the cathode in an electrolyte solution, and direct current introduced through the anode of the metal to be deposited


  • The deposition of a thin, sometimes decorative but usually protective metal coating onto another metal. Electroplating occurs by submerging the receiving metal into an electrolyte, where electrons from the anode (the coating metal) flow to and are deposited on the receiving metal (or cathode).


  • The process of depositing a metal onto another surface, usually a different metal, via electrolysis. Such a deposit may be thin or thick, and may be used, for instance, to provide coatings which are protective, decorative, or which have any given electrical properties. Also called electrolytic plating, or plating (1).
  • synonymelectrolytic plating