electrostatic precipitator


General Science

  • noun a device for collecting minute particles of dust suspended in gas by charging the particles as they pass through an electrostatic field


  • A type of filtering device that prevents smoke and dust from escaping into the atmosphere by chargingthe particles electrically as they pass through a screen. The particles are attracted to one of two electrically charged plates and subsequently removed. See also electrostatic air cleaner.


  • A device which removes dusts present in gases, such as air, by precipitating them in a chamber containing high voltage wires or grids. The gas is forced through the chamber, and the wires or grids ionize the dust particles, which in turn makes them migrate to the walls of said chamber. Also called electrostatic air cleaner, electric precipitator, electronic air cleaner, precipitator, or dust precipitator.
  • synonymelectric precipitator
  • synonymelectronic air cleaner