General English

  • adjective very fashionable and stylish


  • Characterized by simplicity, precision, effectiveness, and the ingenious utilization of available resources. May refer, for instance, to a computer program that is easy to use and performs its designated tasks accurately and efficiently, while occupying the least possible memory and processing resources of the computer it is running on.


  • used to describe a well-balanced wine of very high quality

Origin & History of “elegant”

Someone who made careful, fastidious choices was termed in Latin ēlegāns. this was the present participle of a hypothetical verb *ēlegāre, a derivative of ēligere ‘pick out, select’ (source of English elect). Originally it seems to have been a derogatory term – ‘fussy, foppish’ – but by classical times it signified more approvingly ‘making refined choices’, and was also transferred to the things chosen – ‘choice, tasteful’. English probably acquired the word via French.