General English

General Science


  • noun a machine for carrying grain or silage to the top of a storage unit
  • noun a very large storage unit for grain, in the US and Canadian prairies


  • noun a movable control surface, usually attached to the horizontal stabiliser of an aircraft, used to produce the nose up/down motion of an aircraft in level flight known as pitch


  • A "car" or platform that moves within a shaft or guides and is used for the vertical hoisting and/or lowering of people or material between twoor more floors of a structure. An elevator is usually electrically powered, although some short-distance elevators (serving fewer than six or seven floors) are powered hydraulically.


  • Within a scroll bar, the box that can be moved in the desired direction, to navigate within a file or window. For instance, by utilizing a mouse to slide the elevator downwards within a vertical scroll bar, a user advances further ahead in a displayed document. Also called thumb, or scroll box.


  • noun a muscle which raises part of the body
  • noun a surgical instrument used to lift part of a broken bone


  • noun a moving part of the tailplane of an aircraft, which is used to control pitch


  • see bridge.


  • noun a machine which carries people or goods from one floor to another in a building