General English

General Science

  • noun a system of sending messages to and receiving messages from other users on an electronic network


  • noun a system of sending messages from one computer terminal to another, using a modem and telephone lines


  • verb to send a message from one computer to another, using a modem and telephone lines


  • The transmission of messages, with or without attachments, over a communications network such as the Internet. The first part of an email is the header, which contains information such as the email address of the sender, the time and date sent, and the subject. This is followed by the body, which usually consists of the text that the sender wishes to communicate. There may also be one or more attachments, which are appended files. There are standard protocols, such as SMTP, which define factors such as message format, while standard mail servers, such as IMAP, provide storage of messages in virtual mailboxes until users retrieve them. Email can be accessed by properly equipped devices such as computers, PDAs, cellular phones, and the like, which have a connection to the Internet, and provides a simple and reliable means of sending messages practically instantaneously.
  • synonymelectronic mail


  • abbreviation forelectronic mail