General English

Information & Library Science


  • verb to sign a bill or a cheque on the back to make it payable to someone else
  • verb to make a note on a driving licence that the holder has been convicted of a traffic offence
  • verb to write a summary of the contents of a legal document on the outside of the folded document

Media Studies


  • verb to agree with or support something
  • verb to formally approve or permit something

Origin & History of “endorse”

To endorse something is literally to write ‘on the back’ of it. The word comes from medieval Latin indorsāre, a compound verb formed from the prefix in- ‘in’ and dorsum ‘back’ (source of English dorsal, doss, and dossier). (An earlier English version of the word was endoss (14th c.), acquired via Old French endosser, which died out in the 17th century.).