General English

  • verb to involve having or doing something


  • noun a legal condition which passes ownership of a property only to some specific persons


  • noun an interest in land where the land is given to another person and the heirs of his or her body, but reverts to the donor when the donee and heirs have all died.

Real Estate

  • verb to restrict the future ownership of property to particular descendants, through instructions written into a will

Origin & History of “entail”

Entail means literally ‘put a tail on’ – but not the sort that grows. this is a tail in the sense of a ‘legal limitation’. It came from Old French taille, meaning literally ‘cut’, which is also related to English detail, retail, tailor, and tally. The coining of entail itself probably took place in Anglo-Norman. Its current main meaning ‘have as a necessary or logical consequence’ did not develop until as late as the 19th century.