Entertaining Mr Sloane



  • An anarchic comedy by Joe Orton, first performed in1964 in London. It was Orton's first play and established his reputation,receiving the Evening Standard Award for the best play of theyear. Audiences, however, were shocked by the author's use of wittyand elegant language to convey a story of murder and sexual perversion.

    The plot centres on the amoral 19-year-old Mr Sloane, whotakes lodgings in a house occupied by the three other characters.He inspires desire in Kath and her brother Ed, but disgusts theirfather Kemp. Sloane and Kath establish a sexual relationship, butthe lodger avoids Ed's advances. When Kemp finally realizes that Sloaneis the killer of his former employer, Sloane murders him too. Thisallows Kath, now pregnant, and Ed to blackmail Sloane, who is obligedto serve the two of them as a sexual plaything.