General English

  • noun the conditions in which we live and work
  • noun the natural features and resources of the earth, including animals and plants


  • noun the natural world in which people, animals and plants live


  • noun the area in which an organisation works
  • noun all the various types of computers, browsers or bandwidth access points by means of which a user may access a website. It is important to test a website within as many different environments as possible to make sure that it can be effectively accessed by a variety of users.


  • noun the condition in a computer system of all the registers and memory locations
  • noun the imaginary space in which a user works when using a computer. This can be changed to suit the user’s needs by defining its characteristics such as colour or wallpaper and by setting up a printer, keyboard, and fonts.
  • acronymWIMP


  • noun the surroundings of an organism, including the physical world and other organisms. Firms and governments are vary sensitive to the environment and the impact of businesses on it. Such an impact can be regularly analysed in an environmental audit or environmental impact assessment.


  • In computers, a specific hardware and software configuration. Many programs, for instance, will only function properly in a given environment. Also called computer environment.


  • noun the conditions and influences under which an organism lives


  • noun the surroundings in which somebody or something exists and which affect the development of that person or thing