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  • noun one of the separate instalments of a serialised story or programme


  • noun a separate occurrence of an illness


  • Originally, the passages of dialogue that were interpolatedbetween the choric songs in Greek tragedy. It was subsequently appliedto an adventitious tale introduced into the main story, or an incidentthat stands by itself but is part of a wider series of events.

Origin & History of “episode”

In modern English, an episode is a component in a series of connected events, but originally it was something incidental, coming in adventitiously from the side. The word comes from Greek epeisódion ‘addition’, a noun use of the adjective epeisódios ‘coming in besides’. this was a compound formed from the prefix epí- ‘besides’ and the noun eísodos ‘coming in, entrance’ – which in turn was a compound formed from the preposition eis ‘into’ and hodós ‘way’ (a relative of Russian chodit’ ‘go’).