General English

General Science

  • verb to remove all signs of something


  • verb to set all the digits in a storage area to zero
  • verb to remove any signal from a magnetic medium


  • To remove, delete, or eliminate. Said, for instance, of the deletion of files from a hard disk, or the removal of a signal. A specific example is the removal of the information stored on a magnetic tape by utilizing an AC erase head.

Information & Library Science

  • verb to remove marks from paper
  • verb to delete something from a computer

Origin & History of “erase”

like abrade, rascal, rase and razor, erase comes ultimately from Latin rādere ‘scrape’. this formed the basis of a compound verb ērādere ‘scrape out, scrape off’ (its first element is the Latin prefix ex- ‘out’). Eraser ‘rubber’ seems to be a 19th-century coinage.