• The wearing down of landforms by natural processes. On the Earth’s surface, water, wind and ice are the main elements of erosion, but on other planets slower agencies like micrometeorite impact and solar radiation are likely to be of more importance, as in the case of Mercury and the Moon Earth-type erosion due to water and wind seems to be important on Mars, and the atmosphere of Venus is so dense and fast-moving that it must also cause severe erosion.

Cars & Driving

  • noun removing a surface layer (by chemical action or wear)


  • The gradual deterioration of metal or other material by the abrasive action of liquids, gases, and/or solids.


  • noun the action of wearing away tissue or breaking down tissue

Real Estate

  • noun the gradual wearing away of rock or soil by physical breakdown, chemical solution and transportation of material, as caused, e.g., by water, wind or ice