General English

General Science

  • verb to make an approximate calculation of size, weight or extent


  • noun a calculation of the probable cost, size or time of something
  • noun a calculation by a contractor or seller of a service of how much something is likely to cost, given to a client in advance of an order


  • verb to calculate approximately the cost, value or size of something
  • verb to form a judgement about
  • acronymEST


  • The anticipated cost of materials, labor, equipment, or any combination of these for a proposed construction project.


  • noun an approximate idea of distance, size, time, etc., obtained by judgement rather than by accurate measurement
  • verb to judge distance, size, time, etc., instead of counting or making accurate measurements


  • noun an attempt to say what future costs or income will be


  • noun a calculation of how much something is likely to cost in the future, given to a client so as to get him or her to make an order

Real Estate

  • noun an assessment of the likely price of something such as an item to be bought or a job to be done