Cars & Driving

  • noun the roughening or disintegration of the paint surface, which can occur on small patches or over a wide area, through attack from bird droppings, screen washer fluid, industrial fallout, etc.
  • noun the removal of soil or the natural oxide film from an aluminium surface, giving a roughened surface which improves adhesion of the subsequent paint layer, or removal of the actual metal
  • noun a system of marking car windows with the registration number so as to deter thieves


  • The process of using abrasion or corrosion (acid) to wear away the surface of glass or metal, often in a decorative pattern.


  • The production of patterns on a hard material, such as glass or metal, by selectively removing portions of its surface via a suitable means, such as the use of a chemical reaction or a beam. Also, the patterns so produced. Etching techniques include plasma, ion-beam, and laser etching, and those which utilize a chemical agent such as an acid.
  • A plate, circuit, or other object prepared through etching (1).

Media Studies

  • noun a print made from an etched plate
  • noun the art or process of creating etched designs or making prints from etched surfaces
  • noun a printing plate with an etched design


  • noun an illustration printed from a plate which has been etched