Eugene Stratton



  • (Eugene Augustus Ruhlmann; 1861 - 1918) US entertainerwho graduated from minstrel shows to become a popular musichall star. Wearing black-face make-up, he sang 'Lily of Laguna','Little Dolly Day Dream', and other sentimental 'coon songs'. He alsodanced in white hat and gloves with a cane, whistling as he glidedsilently across the stage under a single following spotlight.

    At the age of 17 Stratton joined J. H. Haverly's United MastodonMinstrels and accompanied them to London in 1880. The next year heremained in Britain to become a member of the Moore and Burgess troupe,staying with them until their popularity waned. In 1892 he took tothe halls, performing without black-face at the Royal Holborn. Whenthis was not successful, he returned to his minstrel act and immediatelybecame London's top black-face performer until he retired in 1914.