General English

General Science

  • verb to remove all the people from a place in the event of an emergency
  • verb to create a vacuum in something by removing all the air

Cars & Driving

  • verb to remove by pushing out


  • To partially or completely remove the contents from an enclosure containing any substance, such as a gas or a liquid. Used, for instance, to refer to an electron tube whose contained gases are being removed. Also called exhaust (1).
  • The process utilized to evacuate (1). For instance, the use of a vacuum pump to remove all gases from an electron tube.
  • synonymexhaust


  • verb to discharge faeces from the bowel, or to have a bowel movement


  • verb to remove people from their homes because of danger and make them stay elsewhere until that danger is over


  • verb to make the people who live in a place move away from it because of the threat of disaster or invasion


  • verb to get people to leave a place such as a dangerous building, an aircraft on fire, etc.