Every Man in His Humour



  • A comedy by Ben Jonson, first performed in 1598 atthe Theatre, London, by the Chamberlain's Men with Shakespeare inthe role of Knowell. The play centres on a group of riotous youngmen visiting the home of the merchant Thomas Kitely, who has a humourof jealousy (see comedy of humours) and thereforesuspects his visitors' intentions towards his young wife and his sisterBridget. One of the young men, Edward Knowell, has indeed fallen forBridget. Others in the group, each of whom has his own particularhumour, include the blustering but cowardly Captain Bobadil,the gruff squire George Downright, and Edward's disguised servantBrainworm. A series of practical jokes, fights, and other disturbancesbring them all before kindly old Justice Clement, who bestows peaceand goodwill, allowing Edward and Bridget to marry. Jonson followedthis success with Every Man Out of His Humour (1599).