General Science


  • verb to find out how much knowledge or skill somebody possesses by means of questions or exercises
  • verb to test or check the condition or health of somebody


  • verb to look at someone or something very carefully


  • verb to look at and test someone to find out what is wrong with him or her

Origin & History of “examine”

like essay and exact, examine comes ultimately from Latin exigere, a compound verb formed from the prefix ex- ‘out’ and agere ‘lead, drive’ (source of English act and agent). this originally meant literally ‘drive out’, but a metaphorical sense ‘weigh accurately’ developed which was carried over into a derived noun exāmen ‘weighing’. This in turn formed the basis of another derivative, the verb exāmināre ‘weigh’, hence ‘weigh up, ponder, consider, test, examine’. The abbreviation exam for examination dates from the late 19th century.