General Science

  • adjective referring to making decisions and managing situations


  • noun a person in a business who takes decisions, a manager or director



  • The software which runs all the software and hardware of a computer. It is the first program the computer loads when powered on, remains memory resident, and continuously controls and allocates all resources. Without it, for example, a computer can not recognize input, such as that from a keyboard, it can not process, as the executive controls the use of the CPU, nor can it provide an output, as it manages all peripherals including the monitor. Also called operating system, or supervisor. When disk-based, also called disk operating system.

Information & Library Science

  • noun somebody who is employed by a company or organisation at a senior level


  • adjective referring to the branch of government which puts laws into effect
  • adjective referring to the President of the USA as head of government
  • noun a person such as a manager or director who takes decisions in an organisation


  • noun an important businessman who makes decisions